About Chiever

Chiever is a legal consultancy specialising in trademark protection. We advise on the protection of brands, trade names, copyright and design. We manage and monitor international trademark portfolios and ensure that our clients retain control and an overview of their registrations. We also provide advice in the event of disputes. Chiever was established on 1 January 2011 by the former partners and owners of the trademark agency Shield Mark (1994).

What can a client expect from a trademark consultant?

We believe that these days, companies with an international brand portfolio need a trademark consultancy that:

  • is committed and proactive
  • acts swiftly and delivers a high level of service
  • provides its clients with supervision and control of all their registrations
  • is expert and professional
  • charges competitive prices
  • We have formulated our mission against this background.


    Chiever strives to be the most highly-regarded service provider in its market segment, measured by quality, professionalism and service.

    Experience and expertise leads to clear advice

    Our team consists of highly experienced people. Not only our trademark consultants but also our support teams – which include several attorneys – have more than earned their credentials in the intellectual property sector. With this team of experts, we can offer our clients a high level of advice, something which international trademark law now demands. We also use our experience and expertise to offer practical and concrete advice, leading to clear conclusions which focus not only on the legal aspects but also take into account the marketing side of the trademark.

    Big enough to cope, small enough to care

    We believe that a smaller trademark consultancy offers the best quality of service to its clients. We want to be large enough to provide continuity but small enough to remain committed and close to the customer. For that reason, we proceed on the basis of a growth scenario of up to no more than 25-30 staff. An additional benefit of this limited size is that it keeps our overheads low, allowing us to maintain our competitive rates.

    Supervision and control of your trademark portfolio

    Chiever invested in an advanced brand management system. We work fully digitally. Clients with large trademark portfolios are afforded online access to all their registrations and files. As a result, they can supervise and control their brand portfolio 24/7. The system also guarantees transparency, a rapid service and efficiency.