6 years of imprisonment for Lego infringement

September 2020. That’s no joke: 6 years in jail and over € 11 million in fines for infringing on Lego copyrights. That happened to the men guilty of selling counterfeit Lego in China.

Lego & Lepin

€ 40 million

The infringers sold the material under the Lepin brand, which is also very reminiscent of Lego in terms of design. According to the WIPR website, the gentlemen earned over €40 million from the sale of the replicas until they were caught in 2019.


While the leaders of this criminal group will be thrown in jail for 6 years, there is fallout even among the lower ranks of this gang. Eight accomplices will be behind bars for periods of between 3 and 4.5 years.

Three real Hermès bags

Life Sentence

However, the punishment for the Lego thieves seems mild compared to what happened to Xiao Zhenqiang in 2013 in China. This man was given a life sentence for counterfeiting thousands of Hermès handbags.


An important tip for daily practice: if you can’t resist infringing on copyrights, don’t do it in China!

Bas Kist