About Chiever

Chiever is a legal consultancy specialising in trademark protection. We advise on the protection of brands, trade names, copyright and design. Chiever conducts trademark research and advises on the risks of introducing new trademarks. We manage and monitor international trademark portfolios and ensure that our clients acquire (and retain) control and an overview of their trademark registrations. We also advise and mediate in disputes and conduct legal proceedings on behalf of our clients, such as oppositions, in the Benelux and with the European Trademark Office.

Chiever was established on 1 January 2011 by the former partners and owners of the trademark agency Shield Mark (1994).


We believe that these days, companies with an international brand portfolio need a trademark consultancy that:

  • is committed and proactive
  • acts swiftly and delivers a high level of service
  • provides its clients with supervision and control of all their registrations
  • is expert and professional
  • defends the trademark rights of its clients in opposition procedures
  • charges competitive prices

We have formulated our mission against this background.


Chiever strives to be the most highly-regarded service provider in its market segment, measured by quality, professionalism and service.

Chiever’s characteristics

Chiever works with a team of expert brand lawyers and experienced practitioners, who have earned their tracks in the IP world abundantly.

Personalised approach and efficient
’Big enough to cope, small enough to care’: we offer a personalised approach and short lines of communication combined with speed, efficiency and transparency.

We advise businesses on how to protect their trademarks and designs, not only in Europe but also worldwide.

Clear, practical advice
Clear, compact and practical advice with a coherent proposal for the next step to take.

Specialists in oppositions
Specialists in European opposition procedures. We handle many of these, with good results and at an acceptable fee.

Fair price
We charge a fair price: often in the form of a fixed fee, sometimes on an hourly basis, always with a clear budget. What’s more, we won’t charge you if you call just to run something by us.

Committed individuals 
Finally, we work with a team of committed individuals who relish what they do and with whom you’ll enjoy a pleasant working relationship.